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Ronald J. Kolegraff, M.D., F.A.C.S. Okoboji, Iowa

"In 2010 Metropolitan MD conducted a case study with Awesome Medical, which revealed our success with their number one ranking guide, Smartllipo.com. The 19-month study revealed a 270% increase in the conversion rate (percentage of visitors that submit a form) from Smartllipo.com over the site average, and a 175% increase over organic keyword traffic. The Internet is clearly a powerful medium to attract new patients. To win online, surgeons have to be visible to those looking for their services. You generate qualified traffic by combining search optimization, affiliate marketing, and quality visual content, such as videos and before and after photos – in addition to your offline strategy. Cosmetic surgery is an industry where the quality of the web experience will impact the patient conversion rate. Doctors can enhance the user experience by offering visitors rich content–right at the point of decision designed to earn a visitor's attention and create the patient-doctor confidence that leads to a scheduled consultation. Awesome Medical increased our patient success ratios. Compared to other online marketing investments, such as out-sourced SEO, Google Ads and PPC, the singular investment in Smartllipo.com shows the greatest ROI."

Dr. Edward Lack, Metropolitan MD, Glenview, IL

"As one of the busiest cosmetic surgeons in the Midwest, I can say with a high level of certainty that Awesome Medical has been critical to my success. The most important element to building a busy practice today is internet exposure. Their Awesome Medical directory service is a no-brainer for doctors who want to increase their cosmetic patient volume in short order. Joining AMM directories will almost certainly be your highest ROI marketing strategy!"

MJ Joffrey, Schaumburg, IL

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Dr. Fernando Serra, M.D. Central Florida Plastic Surgery, Florida

"Their pages rank highly for organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and I am very impressed with their custom Websites. Three years ago, I started advertising on one of their sites and was so happy with the results I've increased to appear on ALL of their cosmetic and plastic surgery directories. The results they offer have been outstanding and I identify them as being responsible for increasing my exposure and number of patients. They have had a very positive impact on my practice development."

Dr. Marwan Khalifeh, Ivy Plastic Surgery Associates, Chevy Chase, Maryland.

"It is clear that Awesome Medical is vigilant at monitoring their many site positions and they manage them all extremely well. It is important to me that I can always count on getting immediate assistance and I like the boutique nature of the company. I feel they've developed an intelligent strategy specifically to meet my needs. The return on investment is so great that you cannot afford not to have your presence in as many places as possible."

Dr. William Hall, Infini Cosmetic Associates, Scottsdale Arizona

"The results and the ROI are amazing with Awesome Medical sites! As a surgeon, I want to focus on my patients and my practice. Awesome Medical makes online marketing easy. They are professional and they understand how to use the Internet, Google and SEO strategies to drive business to my clinic."

Dr. John Bergeron MD, TX