Case Study

Client: MetropolitanMD


Description: This study illustrates the results MetropolitanMD has realized over a 19-month timeframe using the directory and organic search engine optimization to get referral traffic to the site. The study further illustrates how MetropolitanMD uses 3D media to educate visitors and influence their decision to invest in liposuction surgery.

Problem: Get prospective patients from the Chicagoland area that are looking for information on Smartlipo surgery to MetropolitanMD's website, and then motivate those visitors to request a consultation.

Strategy: Utilize the #1 ranked doctor listing directory, along with organic search engine optimization, and a new 3D video platform by

Results Overview: MetropolitanMD realized a 270% increase in form submissions from over the site average, a 175% conversion increase over keyword organic traffic, and an increase in average page view duration of 350% with Moxe's 3D liposuction video.






Conclusion: Compared to other online marketing investments, such as: out-sourced SEO, Google Ads and PPC, the investment in shows the greatest ROI. Furthermore, Moxe's 3D Room added compelling content/increased visitor interest and time spent on the site.


Test One: Get visitors interested in Smartlipo to MetropolitanMD's website.

Action: Purchase a monthly subscription to, the #1 nationally ranked directory on Google for SmartlipoTM related keywords which links directly to participating doctors.

Results: The cost of listing on is $500 a month. From 1/1/09 to 7/31/10 there were 1,863 visits that resulted in115 form submissions. This equates to an average of 98 visits per month, or $5.10 per visitor. The average monthly form submissions equates to 7 submissions per month, or $71.42 per form submission lead.

MetropolitanMD has an average site conversion rate of 2.25%. By conversions we mean the number of visitors that come to the website and actually submit a contact form.

MetropolitanMD is ranked #1 on Google for many Smartlipo + Chicago keywords. Of the Smartlipo keyword combinations, MetropolitanMD converts 3.48% of the time. The conversion rate of visitors referred from is 6.17%. The conversion rate of visitors from that also viewed Moxe's player is 8%.



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Test Two: Enhance MetropolitanMD's ability to convert visitors into leads.

Action: Deploy Moxe's branded microsite player that showcase 3D animations, patient photos, and doctor video on MetropolitanMD's website. Visitors get the opportunity to meet the surgeon, view that doctor's work, and learn if a procedure is right for them.

Results: In May 2010, MetropolitanMD deployed Moxe's new 3D liposuction rich media on their website. See it here. 197 unique visitors (217 total) viewed the player over the subsequent three months. Cost of the liposuction-specific microsite is $290 a month.

The average page view duration for any one page on MetropolitanMD is 1:05. While on Moxe's player, visitors viewed the player on average for 4:51. Visitors from, that also viewed Moxe's player, watched it on average for 10:26.



When comparing conversion rates of organic searches, of the visitors that viewed the player from keyword searches, 3.37% submitted a form. During that same period in 2009, organic search had a conversion rate of 1.54%.


The significance of this study appears to validate that if you earn a visitor's time by delivering a rich and satisfying experience, you have a stronger chance of retaining the visitor and converting him or her into a new patient lead.


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