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Join the World's Largest Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Directory Network to Attract New Patients. Increase your online presence and footprint, build your credibility and attract new patients, 24/7.

Awesome Medical specializes in building top-ranking cosmetic and plastic surgery directories, using search engine optimization to help promote surgeons, clinics, plastic surgery practices and med spas.

Who we are: the Worlds’ Largest Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Network.

 To be an industry leader is to create compelling, top-ranking aesthetic, cosmetic and plastic surgery directories to help patients learn about multiple procedures, and find surgeons and specialists, online.

Our Strategy: We employ and implement tactics to optimize client visibility through online channels and integration, supported by our network, which include: 50 directories, plastic surgery blogs, cosmetic surgery news sites and our exclusive, free plastic surgery coupon program. Our multi-disciplinary team of copywriters, web designers and SEO engineers work together to get you the top positions and help you get the exposure for highly searched procedures.

What we do: is to deliver results and highly qualified leads to listed surgeons and clinics.

Awesome Medical can increase your site's ranking to show up on the top of Google, Bing and Yahoo!

No method of advertising offers a greater ROI than being at the top of search engines, right when prospective patients are looking for you. As a plastic surgeon, you need patients to find you at the moment they search online for information and your services. Awesome Medical presents effective SEO options that get your name in front of targeted audiences.





Then and Now

Awesome Medical started in 2009 with one number-one ranking directory, Smartlipo.com, and has grown to become the industry leader. We now have more than 50 cosmetic and plastic surgery directories, our reach is global, and we offer the best value proposition and the most exposure for our expanding list of featured surgeons. (Average Client Profile)

  • Average monthly subscription payment per surgeon: $500
  • Average number of directories per surgeon: 6
  • Average number of years listed: 2.4
  • Learn more about how a team of surgeons increased patient conversion rates by listing on Smartlipo.com in this recent case study conducted with Metropolitan MD in Chicago.


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WIIFY Factor - What’s In It For You?

We invite you to make Awesome Medical an integral part of your online marketing success formula. Why settle second or third-page placement when you can secure the top coveted online positions and the most highly searched, profitable keywords?

Board-certified plastic surgeons, physicians, specialists, practitioners and trained clinicians sign up for our directories and stay, because it works. Pay month-to-month for constant access to new patients leads.  In addition, we offer a 20% discount for annual subscriptions and there are no contracts, ever.

  • Our directories increase your online exposure and boost your site’s ranking.
  • We are the number one source on the internet for cosmetic and plastic surgery keywords and a low cost source for leads
  • Our directories are surprisingly more affordable than paying for SEO and PPC
  • All of our directories are mobile enabled, so patients can view your profile and contact you from their smart phones.
  • Your surgical skills and talents can be highlighted in our instructional videos and before and after photos galleries.


In addition, instantly improve your online presence and your search engine ranking!

  • It’s easy: sign up and get listed within 24 hours, with NO CONTRACTS
  • It’s advanced: we create dynamic profiles linking from our strong directories to your site, photos, videos and media - increasing your technological footprint.  
  • It’s social: our team will promote your practice and increase your presence using twitter, Facebook, PR and social media tools to mention you and your practice
  • It’s focused: we offer more high search volume keywords, procedures and top-ranking directories than anyone else in the industry
  • It’s affordable:  Prices start at $100 per listing. Bundle and save!
  • Free Perks! Feature discounts and specials offers on services and procedures at no charge on www.plasticsurgerycoupons.com.


Your success is our success. We are here to help you increase your client base, boost your monthly revenues, gain visibility and put your marketing dollars to work for you.

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Now is the time to ramp up your online marketing efforts and ROI.

There is a lot going on "online" that may impact your business and bottom line. You may not need to know all of the details, but we do. The most important statistic for you is to know that more than 93% of prospective patients research procedures and surgeons online, first. And more than 73% look on the top three organically ranked sites.

And Now About Our Team

We would like to take a moment to introduce the band. Our hand-picked team of seasoned professionals are from variable backgrounds, including: the former CIO of Sony International (and world-trained information technology/networking/SEO and Internet specialist and scuba-diving fanatic); six college -educated and masters-level computer programming techies, and engineers; two incredibly talented designers who work at warp-speed; our very own genius who speaks four languages fluently and writes every computer language in existence ; one veteran sales professional (and international sales trainer), and an executive-level publisher and marketing/communications professional  with a college degree and 15 years of online marketing experience.